If you have patience, people skills and drive… GO FOR IT!

Enjoy a question and answer session with Faye Roddy, Bright & Beautiful’s largest and longest serving franchise owner. Being Bright & Beautiful’s first ever franchisee, Faye has well and truly seen it all!

Faye Roddy

Bright & Beautiful Altrincham & Wilmslow

Name: Faye Roddy
Franchise Area: Altrincham & Wilmslow
Year business started: 2010
Members of Staff: 33

Your Background: “Childcare, Teaching Assistant

Why did you want to start your own business? “I had grown up in a family business and I knew if I work hard for myself and my family and that I could achieve a better lifestyle for us.”

Why Bright & Beautiful? “I was the part time manager for B&B before it was a Franchise.”

What do you enjoy most about owning a Bright & Beautiful business? “I enjoy a challenge, which is a good job! I set myself audacious goals and go after them, so this business is great for that. There are so many areas you can feel a great sense of achievement. I like to spin many plates and keep busy, plus I get to meet amazing people and see beautiful homes. The thing I love the most is great feedback, nothing like the feeling of a happy client.”

Your greatest moment as a Bright & Beautiful Franchisee: “Franchisee of the Year 2018.”

What has Bright & Beautiful enabled you to do which you couldn’t have otherwise? “Spend more time with my family and give them a good life whilst growing up.”

What advice would you have for those looking into starting a franchise? “Go for it. If you have patience, people skills and drive you are halfway there! Embrace the point of Franchising – you have a network family out there for support and a wealth of knowledge so use it.”

What have you learnt about yourself during your time as a franchisee? “I am even more competitive than I thought!”

What do you like to do in your spare time? “Spend time with friends and family and I watch my husband play a lot of Rugby!”

What are your personal goals for the next 5 years? “I would love to hit £1m turnover.”

How did you reward yourself when you hit your first business goal? “I bought a Mercedes CLA and I love it!”

Plans for the business over the next 5 years: “A new office, a fleet of B&B cars and to hit £1m turnover.”

How beneficial is the ongoing training? “You could not do this business without the training. It is a fast pace place to be with constant updates and new things to learn, we are evolving, and we need to keep up. The last 9 years at B&B have seen some massive changes and we are in the best place ever.”

How does the support from head office help you operate your Bright & Beautiful franchise? “It’s invaluable. I have in the past worked with the team to reset my goals and ‘calibrate’ the business and it was life changing – I am not exaggerating, it took me to the next level so I can see clearly again and have renewed passion.”

What is the biggest challenge you face/have faced as a business owner? “Being too passionate and involved, this is my baby so sometimes it hurts. Your staff can be like your children sometimes and they can be hard to manage but overall, it is all good, they just like to test us from time to time.”